Kusoge tte Iuna! Animation

Kusoge tte Iuna! Animation

Oct. 19, 2020
Duration: 4 min/episode
Status: Returning Series

Seasons and episodes

1Season 1Oct. 19, 2020


Kōhei Mitoma
Marius (voice)
Maika Agarie
Mina (voice)
Mariko Miyase
Louise (voice)
Mayumi Okada
Lilia (voice)
Mina Otohata
Lidays (voice)
Kakeru Itou
the Dark God (voice)
Takeru Mishina
Purios (voice)
Sayaka Migita
Mochi Usagi (voice)
Suzuna Kinoshita
Mary (voice)
Suguru Narisawa
the King (voice)


The story centers on an RPG that people call "kusoge" ("crap-tier game," referring to games with quirky or badly implemented mechanics & design). The main character Lidays decides to change the game's story, meeting with other characters while the game isn't being played. But as they flub their lines, the situation spirals out of control.

Kusoge tte Iuna! Animation
Original titleクソゲーって言うな!アニメーション
First air dateOct. 19, 2020
Last air dateJan. 12, 2021

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