Selection Project

Selection Project

Oct. 01, 2021
Duration: N/A/episode
Rated: N/A
Status: Returning Series

Seasons and episodes

1Season 1Oct. 01, 2021


Saku Mizuno
Rena Hananoi (voice)
Mizuna Shirakawa
Uta Koizumi (voice)
Nozomi Nagumi
Hiromi Hamaguri (voice)
Yuka Iwahashi
Ao Yodogawa (voice)
Hina Yomiya
Nodoka Yagi (voice)
Miharu Hanai
Shiori Yamaga (voice)
Hinaki Yano
Suzune Miyama (voice)
Ruri Arai
Nagisa Imau (voice)
Shino Shimoji
Mako Toma (voice)
Daisuke Ono
Sumipanda (voice)


Held every summer, the national show "Selection Project" is the biggest gateway for girls who strive to be idols, and the place where the legendary idol Akari Amazawa was born. Suzune Miyama is also one who has longed for such a dream stage. Having been sick since childhood, she listened to the song of the light many times in her bed in the hospital room. Akaris singing voice gave her a lot of smiles and courage, inspiring Suzune to follow in her footsteps. In her last summer of junior high school, Suzune decides to challenge the 7th annual Selection Project to make her dream come true. The girls who challenge Selection all have strong feelings that are second to none, accumulated efforts, and extraordinary charm. Only nine stars are selected from among the thousands of candidates. Now, the hot and harsh "Audition Battle" of the girls begins to make their dreams come true.

Selection Project
First air dateOct. 01, 2021
Last air dateNov. 26, 2021
IMDb RatingN/A10 votes
TMDb Rating81 votes

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