Technoroid: Overmind

Technoroid: Overmind

Jan. 04, 2023
Duration: N/A/episode
Rated: N/A
Status: Ended

Seasons and episodes

1Season 1Jan. 04, 2023



Kazuki Ura
Cobalt (voice)
Hiromu Mineta
Kei (voice)
Gakuto Kajiwara
Night (voice)
Keigo Hagiya
Light (voice)
Makoto Furukawa
Kite (voice)
Junya Enoki
Silve (voice)
Takeo Otsuka
Auru (voice)
Shugo Nakamura
Zin (voice)
Akito Sugibayashi
Lana (voice)
Satoi Shibuya
Chrom (voice)


Technoroid: Overmind is set in the Entertainment Tower Babel, a new hope found by those who have lost the joy of light as humanitys activities are restricted due to the large-scale climate change caused by the expanded sun. The anime depicts unique units and characters fighting for the top of Babel, pursuing emotions that move people and androids through performances.

Technoroid: Overmind
Technoroid: Overmind
Original titleテクノロイド オーバーマインド
First air dateJan. 04, 2023
Last air dateMar. 30, 2023
IMDb RatingN/A30 votes
TMDb Rating64 votes

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